Frequently Asked Questions


Every PlayGoal wrist band is specifically made for the active child!


How long does it take to charge? 

The PlayGoal Band fully charges its 500 mAH battery in 2-hours, via the provisioned Micro USB/USB cable. A fully charged battery can run up to 72 hours.

Can I use a Power bank to charge the band?

No, since power banks are generally used for mobile phones the charging current is in 1A. The Play Goal band charges at 25mA current. So the required charging is too small, will cause the power bank to stop charging to save its own power. So we advise, not to use a power bank for charging.

What can I do if my band fails to pair with my device?

      • Make sure Bluetooth on your device is turned on. Place your band and device together and try pairing them again.
      • Use the Play Goal app to pair your band with your device. Do not search for Bluetooth-enabled devices.
      • Close the app, and re-login. Try turning your Bluetooth on and off again.
      • If all else fails, restart your device and try pairing your device again.

    What do I do if my Device is not locating my band?

        • Make sure your band is charged.
        • Try running the search in an area where there are no other Bluetooth devices.
        • Make sure your band is not charging, as it will not connect while being charged.

      My band is not recording the number of steps.

      Open the app, and click on the user of the band. Then click Resync Band. After resync, take a few steps to see if it has reset.


      I forgot my Master Code.

      If for some reason you forgot your Master Code, please e-mail Customer Support at and we will help you reset it.

      What OS and devices can I use to run the PlayGoal App?

      The PlayGoal App works and supports any Android and Kindle devices running on Android.

      How are time and date adjusted?

      Simply pair the PlayGoal Band with the PlayGoal App and sync. The sync process will automatically adjust the correct date and time on the PlayGoal Band.

       What is the waterproof level?

      PlayGoal has a waterproof rating of ip65. This means it has “dust tight” protection, and protection against water projected from a nozzle (eg. Rain, splashing and direct contact with most kitchen/bathroom faucets)

      Can 2 or more PlayGoal bands sync with the PlayGoal App?

      Yes, you can sync multiple PlayGoal bands with a single PlayGoal App. Screen time is computed uniquely for each PlayGoal band.

       Is the PlayGoal App translated to other languages?

      We are still working on displaying the PlayGoal App in other languages.


      We are currently working with our shipping provider and will develop this section soon.  Please write to for any specific Shipping questions you may have.

      What if my question is not answered here?

      You may contact us at for further assistance.