Why PlayGoal

Why is screen time important for kids?

Yes, screen time is important for your children's growing years. For starters, it's how today's family communicates. If your family is like ours, we have the scheduled weekly face time meetings with the grandparents!  Fun connecting our kiddos, especially when my little girl blows kisses to good 'ol pappy.  There are, of course, hundreds of apps that are really good for the early learning years. Education takes on quite a different turn, and technology has certainly made learning more interactive, f-u-n for kids.

How are parents helping?

Access to relevant technology is the primary role of parents. We'd also dare say you may be allowing your children to miss out on a lot if they don't have regular screen time. Gadgets have now become part of daily life, and it will certainly play a major role for your children's future.

But it is the lack of screen time balance that is harmful. Kids can easily pour hours if left unsupervised, and it is at this point where parents pivot from being "helpful" to becoming "harmful enablers".

How can PlayGoal help the family?

We know the struggle in setting firm house rules regarding screen time. We'd be lying if we told you we never used gadgets as a distraction, and sometimes a bribe, just to get the chores done. Like you, we often gave up!  UNTIL we had this revolutionary idea.... PlayGoal!

PlayGoal is the first fitness band to award screen time for being physically active. The band is paired with our revolutionary PlayGoal Android App, giving parents automatic control to lock their child's device until physical activity goals are met.





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